an acephalous theology

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curious about the same thing. I haven’t read enough D&G to comment, though I can speak for psychoanalysis. How would you define schizoanalysis? can be as brief as you like, I know it would take more than a thousand platanos to persuade you to do more.

Um, at its most fundamental I’d say it was the production of the unconscious that imaginatively produces and informs [one’s] unconsciousness/consciousness with material reality (hence the use of schizophrenia, in the disconnectedness from reality that is necessarily united through the production of ’a semiotic articulation of chains of expressions whose contents are relatively the least formalized. Not representing a subject - for there is no subject of enunciation - but programming an assemblage’) that escapes the return of psychoanalysis. Yeah.

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#sinthematica  #obvs correct me if wrong  #the quote is from Dialogues with Deleuze and Claire Parnet which is a fantastic place to start with Deleuze